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I’m interested in doing things that Bobby White on YouTube does

Does anyone know if [these]( -886286053915 & abcId = 1141016 & merchantid = 108729421 & gclid = Cj0KCQjw09HzBRDrARIsAG60GP8lGvs1V4AcEPEwIKRUTUu-fr_osSRkgNYUhDQgDYvfPvllAVEAL all have experience, of low quality diamonds on eBay reflective at all as professional cut diamonds are.

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Advice – Emerald Cut

Hi everyone – me again – I think I’ve found a candidate for my GF’s ring.

5191554526 – GIA number

It seems to tick the boxes from my beginner view – sensible proportions, great color, certainly eye-cleaning, and I couldn’t see the inclusions under magnification until I reviewed the report.

Unfortunately, the shop I work with quoted 10K for this diamond and I realize that comparable diamonds are like 8-8500 …

I feel good about supporting a local business and paying a mild premium so I would request a price of 9K for the diamond. Is this reasonable? Are you looking at negotiations in this industry?

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Was shown a diamond from a local mom / pop shop – GIA number included.

1.2 Carat, F, HVAC, ideal conditions, etc.

GIA: 1307927135

I got a price in the middle of $ 8000. It seems to be a bit high …. other diamonds online (of similar specifications) appear to give or take (trade color, clarity, fluorescence, etc. at a lower price) and are within 1 to 2k USD of what I was quoted.

I like this rock but wanted to get some thoughts from people who know more than I do. I don’t mind paying a small premium with a local store, but within reason. Thanks in advance.

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Is $ 7.5k a good price for this diamond?

Hi! I’ve been looking at how to buy quality diamonds for about a month or two now, but often feel overwhelmed. I think I know the basics, but I’ve heard so many different opinions and beliefs.

I heard that IGI inflated the assessment, but then I heard elsewhere that even GIA criteria for mined diamonds can be very different.

I wanted to get some first-hand statements from people who are knowledgeable on the subject. I would really appreciate if you could share what you thought!

& # X200B;

[Diamond Video](Https://

[IGI Cert](Https://

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Thanks to u / diamond dealers

Just wanted to write a quick thank you to u / diamond dealer. I came to this wonder looking for diamond advice almost a year ago and he helped me out big time. I have since purchased an engagement ring and two wedding bands from him and couldn’t be more pleased – and neither did my fiance (I had to hide the wedding band for her because she would not stop putting it on and our wedding was still a few weeks away). Initially, I was a little wary of working with someone I found on a forum, especially with something that was so important, but the result was so positive that I thought it would be helpful to share it with everyone.

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Looking for advice on a 2+ Ct diamond

Hey guys. I seem to jump into the married world. I have looked at a few stones in stores and online (to know prices) and have come across 3 stones that seem well priced. Wondered if anyone could give some advice on value. I’m ok with paying for both.

A. 2.25ct J VS2 xxxn $ 14,300

B. 2.33ct J VS2 xxx medium blue $ 14,000

C. 2.08ct I VS2 xxxn $ 15,400

D. 2.3ct H VVS2 xxxn $ 18,900 (purchase of a “used” diamond, it was exchanged)

Everyone is eye clean. No obscurity. GIA. And white round.

Which is the best value? Are they good prices?

I really appreciate the help as this is my first dive into the diamond world.

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Diamond Foundry – any reviews / experience?

Hi every one!

I hope anyone here has had any experience buying and / or handling Diamond Foundry?

I’m in the fun process of looking for an engagement ring, but am limited to lab-created diamonds. Without going into too much detail, my boyfriend often works in different parts of Africa and has a strong belief in traditional extracted diamonds. As such, I want to get a diamond that I know of that was never mined by a human.

I have searched across various online retailers of lab-created diamonds, and the Diamond Foundry seems to offer (what I consider) the most beautiful options (both in terms of setting and exclusive cuts).

Since this is a relatively large purchase and is likely to happen online, I would get people’s reviews. Currently, I can’t find much online about what anyone has experienced with them. They seem like a serious operation, but they do not have many diamonds listed on their site.

Does anyone have suggestions / advice?

Thank you, everybody!

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Buy a diamond for an engagement ring. Direct me the right direction?

Hi everyone, I am buying an engagement ring for my boyfriend and I have a 6k CAD soft border. I know the basics, but some people here are definitely more experienced than I am.

She wants a princess diamond with a halo setting. I have chosen the setting and it is approx. $ 2700. Setting below.
Is it a waste to spend $ 2700 on an option? or should I lower my setting price and get a nicer diamond. I know this is the setting she would like.


Therefore, my diamond limit is 3km Canadian.
What does it look like?

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Struggling to find the right diamond …..

Hi guys,

This wonder has been invaluable as a beginner. I originally bought a diamond from BlueNile, but had to return it because of excessive obscurity. I thought I had a good deal, but soon realized you have to be very careful about the SI1 clarity area as it varies a lot.

I have used diamond screening as a tool, but find it difficult to find a diamond close to the efficiency curve that does not have a large black inclusion.

I’m looking for about 1ct, H color, SI1 and about $ 5k.

What do you think of this one?

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Total beginner looking for help finding an engagement diamond

Hello friends,
I hope to be able to propose to my girlfriend by the middle of next month. I would like a rock that glitters well within H and VS2. Some people have been told that I know that the cutout matters most in my case, since H and VS2 are the threshold for the sight with the naked eye. My budget is around 9K CAD (7K USD) I have done a number of diamond research and selected this one on Blue Nile, can you please help me and tell me what you think? Alternatively, feel free to include all links to a diamond that you find appropriate within this range.
Thank you so much for your time.