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Confused between LAB Grown and Natural?

Their are certain types of people who prefer to buy natural diamonds, and some of them also think Lab Growns are fake because they are not natural.
Although Lab Grown are labs, it has proven to be the same as natural in terms of chemical formation.
But we cannot deny the fact that Lab Grown is artificially manufactured and therefore cannot be considered natural. Both the natural and the lab grown have certificates that specify that it is natural or artificial.

Their are some people who prefer to buy Lab Grown because they are relatively 80% cheaper than natural, and many believe that natural diamonds are bad for the environment and that is a fact. Even though minigames try to offset the environment, but they still harm the environment in the first place.
Even Lab Grown is not 100% environmentally friendly.

Choosing a real diamond can be a tricky part as many factors are involved in it.
People now a day are more aware of their social life than ever before. Probably the younger generation, fully aware of the products and services they use, is socially and environmentally harmless.

About 10 million people work in the diamond industry. Many diamonds come from mines in Botswana, Angola, Zimbabwe from the African region, and many of them work at $ 1 a day. These are socially backward regions. As their economies are not strong, they face some serious problems such as food scarcity, no proper education and unemployment. So, if you buy a natural diamond, you can ask your jeweler or supplier for its origin, and if it is from those locations, you indirectly help the socially disadvantaged regions.

Natural diamonds are older than life on earth. It takes 1 billion to 3.3 billion years to form. They are formed due to enormous soil pressure and extreme temperatures. And the same process can be achieved in 10 weeks in man-made machine labs. We can assume that the energy used to create lab-grown is renewable resources, but the temperature they achieve in these machines can still cause some environmental damage. But they are relatively low compared to the mining companies.

Now their days are a tendency for natural diamonds to be bad for the environment. Lab Growns aren’t good either.

All the things that are done to make people’s lives easier will cost some environmental damage. The only people living in the Himalayas away from the material world who live a yogic life are those who do no harm to the environment.

So if you are considering purchasing Natural, you are helping a lot more people who are socially backward considering that mining companies will do some social and environmental work to offset the damage they cause to the environment. Although they work within the boundaries of government. Like all governments, the environment monitors for their respective countries.

And if you think the natural is not good and you want to buy Lab Grown than you save 80% of your money upfront and your carbon footprint will be smaller in comparison.

Then it feels right to buy Lab Grown over Natural or Naturals is better as it helps a lot more people who need help.

Let me know what do you think?

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