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1 carat SI2 or 0.91 VS2? Please advise

Hey guys, I’ve been following up on my last post and I’ve listed under four round diamonds (in order of preference). I have also called for a key deterrent per. My understanding of each one. Please tell which one to proceed with; Size and clip are the primary preferences.

1) 0.91 carats: [](Https://
Deterrent: Very strong blue fluorescence
Price: $ 1920

2) 1.1 carats: [](Https://
Deterioration: Clarity and strong blue fluorescence
Price: $ 2270

3) 1 carat: [](Https://
Deterrent: High number of grouped inclusions (Crystal, Feather, Cavity, Cloud, Needle, Natural)
Price: $ 2242

4) 0.78 carats: [](Https://
Detox: Size
Price: $ 1878

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