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Lab created vs. Natural? … Stone Allen Advice vs. James Allen Clean Origin (or elsewhere?)

Thanks to a Vox Explained: Diamonds episode, my partner told me she wouldn’t care if I got her moissanite or CZ, but considering how much she means to me, I’d like her a quality ring, there is the real thing. That said, I have stopped considering the natural and look solely at the lab set up, as value in carat size and gloss are my two biggest considerations. I feel like this is a no-brainer as there is no difference other than their origin unless my googling has led me astray? I understand that they do not have a comparable resale value, but I (knock on wood) are never in the position where I need to reverse this in the secondary market. Are there any other pitfalls or drawbacks that I don’t consider going with set up lab?

I’m looking for an oval ~ 2 carat stone and would like some input from more experienced eyes … considering the following:

2.43 ovl, g, si1,

2.05, f, vs2,

2.19, f, vs1

2.04, e, vs1

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