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Questions about IGI lab classification and metal type

I choose between three lab-made diamonds (shown below) for an engagement ring. I placed the dimensions in the Diamond Screeners estimator, and somehow # 2 has the worst proportions, though IGI gave it a higher cut rating than # 1 or # 3.

Should I go by the IGI rating or the AGS / GIA estimator? Which diamond do you think is the best value? To be honest, I couldn’t actually tell anything else in sparks, colors or clarity when I saw them in person!

Would platinum or white gold also be better for delicate settings with small accent diamonds? I got conflicting information from various retailers. Some said platinum is more durable for small spikes, others say white gold is harder and holds small stones better because they bend less than platinum, but others say they have the same durability and only color wear is different .. All advice is appreciated!

1) 1.07 ct, I Colors, VS1, IGI Excellent Clip, $ 2914: [](Https://

2) 1.05 ct, H color, VS2, IGI Ideal cut, $ 2640: [](Https://

3) 1.23 ct, G color, VS2, IGI Excellent clip, $ 3380: [](Https://

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