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Another diamond, opinions?

Hello everyone,

Found another diamond:

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The cost is $ 10,000 cash, $ 10,300 credit

I have physically inspected this diamond in real life myself. It was eye clean, I spent quite a bit of time inspecting it under different lighting conditions. Under magnifying magnification, the inclusions were quite difficult to spot. After looking at it with magnifying magnification for 20 seconds or so, I was able to spot a small dark crystal that you can see in the pictures, I couldn’t see the other inclusions. So also under UV light, no noticeable fluorescence.

Now I think I can reduce the price of this diamond if I present them to a nearly equivalent diamond that costs less. I would love to hear your opinions on this diamond and the price point. Even better, if you can show me diamonds that are identical in specifications with similar numbers and type of inclusions, it costs less. Thanks in advance:)

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