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Buyer Advice Wanted: Using Online Retailers / 3 Carat Pillow Sticks

Hi guys, first time diamond buyer here looking for some advice. Background: based in Germany, who wants to either buy a loose diamond (about 3 carats, cushion or oval clip) or a diamond in the environment. If solved, I would have a local jeweler create a setting for me. Looking at James Allen and Blue Nile online. Tried some prices at diamond jewelery in Berlin and the delta for online prices are huge, and therefore are looking to buy online instead.

1. Would you recommend using James Allen or Blue Nile for overseas orders? Anyone with any experience in returning goods from the EU? Are their settings high quality?
2. Do you recommend going to buy a loose diamond and set up a local dealer or buy the whole set through one of the online portals?
3. What do you think of this diamond and its valuation? I’m trying to find the truly appreciated diamond that is eye-cleaning. Will this diamond be eye-catching? Is faint fluorescence very visible to the naked eye in normal light?


Thanks in advance for the support!

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