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Hello everyone,

I currently have a diamond on hold and am finishing the deal. I just hope to run it by you famous people to protect against anything stupid I might do.
It is a G, VVS2 1.3 carat. However, with strong blue fluorescence and surface grain. As its online retailer, I have seen a very detailed 360 degree interactive image and it does not appear in any way cloudy, the grain is very hard to see (VVS2), I have also had a chat with an on-site gemologist and have been guaranteed, that the stone is not overcast in anyway, etc. It’s about $ 8k which in my opinion is a steal.

The proportions are all within superideal proportions (although not a superideal cut due to some symmetry problems).

The ASET image is as shown and it may seem a bit low but with very good light output. An arrow is not centered, which is why I think the diamond is on the cheap side (along with the inflorescence).

I have my own Idealscope and a 20x cap when it arrives with the ability to return within 30 days seamless.

& # X200B;

Can anyone tell me if I’m making a dazzling mistake or missing something crucial?

& # X200B;


& # X200B;

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