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Choosing a colored diamond

Hi, any help in choosing a diamond greatly appreciated! In people have a great community here.

I’m trying to get a local jeweler to design a ring like this one with an emerald or oval for the middle stone:

I’ve been looking for a centerpiece for it, it’s a little hard to judge quality as I’m still learning. The pricing for lab-made versus natural vivid colors seems extremely different. I’m not worried about resale value, but want something that looks good.

Here are the ones I looked at:


Lab made:

I also considered an oval instead of emerald cut that would fit the same dimensions in that ring – between 1.5 and 2 ct.

This is the one I looked at:

How would you recommend building this ring? Is it advisable to choose 2-3 middle diamonds, buy them from a reputable source, take them to the jeweler and then return the 2 that I don’t use?

Thank you!

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