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My CleanOrigin buying experience

Hi reddit,

I am writing to you as someone who got engaged last night! I feel that after all this subreddit has done to me in terms of research, I owe the subreddit a review.

I spent months trying to decide to go lab-grown vs. extracted. I went to big box stores, talked to a few dealers here about reddit, but didn’t make any hasty decisions. I knew I wanted an oval diamond with very specific dimensions. I would have a depth of 60-63%, table 56-60%, length: width 1.37-1.55, between 1.25 and 1.5 carats, with a budget of about $ 5,000.

I found a diamond that I liked on CleanOrigin and I sent / u / Amadeus62 a PM. He got me in touch with Kim from CleanOrigin. Kim pulled the diamond I liked from the site and posted pictures. Then, surprisingly, she was very upfront and said “I don’t think this is a very good diamond” and suggested I wait a little longer. The diamond fit every criteria I wanted, but I relied on her rating. It is difficult to judge an oval strictly by objective numbers and data. The eye looks important. About a week later, Kim emailed me back saying she had another diamond, just a little out of the dimensions I wanted, but suggested I look for it. It was just over 1.5ct and the only criteria it did not meet was the depth which was 59.6%. The diamond was incredible. F color class, VS1, and absolutely no inclusions on the table. From the top down, it is flawless. It also fell within my budget.

I told Kim it was my diamond and I ordered. I had an edition, the band I wanted had a rose gold head / tips and I wanted white gold. Kim said it will not be a problem and I placed my order. About 2 weeks later, my ring arrived. This was 8 days before I planned to propose. The ring came with a rose gold head / points instead of the white gold I wanted. I sent an email to Kim, and within approx. 5 minutes after hitting send, Kim called my phone, though I’m 90% sure it was after work. She apologized profusely and I asked her what my options were. I explained that I was 8 days out from the proposal. It was a Wednesday night. I told her that I could simply suggest, then send it back to be resolved as it may need to resize. Kim insisted that I would propose with the ring I wanted and sent me an email packing slip for the night to send the ring back. I unpacked it, sent it back, and the ring was back to me 7 days later, exactly how I wanted it, just in time to propose. Kim kept me in the loop and updated throughout. The ring is beautiful.

/ u / Amadeus62, you are very helpful, but Kim is the absolute GOAT. I don’t know what you guys pay her to do what she does, but that’s not enough. I couldn’t be happier to buy from CleanOrigin and I can’t thank Kim enough. Great company, and even with the hiccups it was an A + buying experience. 100% would recommend.


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