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Need help with parameters for an emerald cut diamond. Check out my Blue Nile filters?

Hey guys,

Working on the diamond for an engagement ring and I was hoping you could help me enter the parameters so I make the right decision. I’ve never done this before, so I’m a little clear on what actually makes a noticeable difference.

My budget is about $ 10,000 for the stone itself, but I’d go up a bit if it was really a bargain. Tell me what other information you need. I’m sure there’s plenty I’m missing.

Here are mine [filters in Blue Nile](Https:// I based this mostly on googling and some preliminary research on what to look for in an emerald cut. Does any of this look like? Am I searching too high for some things that don’t matter?

And just the same with argument and getting me educated, [how’s this one for example](Https://

Thanks in advance. I’m sure this will be the first of quite a few posts as I figure out what might be the biggest purchase of my life to date.

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