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Purchase recommendations and price ranges for 1 ct oval diamond

It’s time I propose this girl. She likes ovals, does not want a stone that looks disgusting on her sensitive hands, and thinks it is unreasonable to spend as much as one might on a used luxury car.

What I am thinking of is getting something “better” than what my ex held. I don’t care about resale value, and I’m fine with the lab being set up if they really can’t be distinguished from anyone who wants to look at it on hand and doesn’t want to disintegrate. It would be nice if it could once be handed down as a family heirloom, but that is not necessarily a requirement.

IIRC, these are the specifications of the old:
D color (might go lower if needed)
VVS2 (maybe VS1? Can’t remember for sure)
0.68 ct. Round brilliant
Don’t remember the cut quality, but I guess “very good”

If I want to shoot for oval 1ct. up to 1.25ish ct., is $ 2500- $ 3k a reasonable budget? Maybe I need to look back on color or clarity, but maybe it’s a fair trade if we go up in size and cut.

Is there a formula for estimating current prices so I can try to hone the different C’s and get a better appreciation of how each one affects prices?

What are some reputable sources? My experience last time left a bad taste in the mouth with some local jewelry stores at the higher end.

Any online vendors I should avoid?

What features to look for or avoid in the oval cut?

Some more background on where I am mentally on this whole adventure:

I personally do not place much intrinsic value in diamonds because of the bad press the industry has received on monopolies, artificial limitation of extractive mining, etc. I suspect it has been a failed marriage that previously did not help since the first cut bought That said, there are some forces and traditions, no matter how they are made, that should not be neglected, and I am fortunate enough that I can afford to buy a diamond.

Trying to examine blood diamonds vs. Kimberly Process vs. conflict-free vs. lab created vs. eco-friendly has me tired of information overload and the feeling that there really isn’t a single comprehensive and objective source to help me make this decision quickly.

Some people just walk into a store or pop on Amazon and buy a ring apparently without a second thought. I’m not rich enough or worry-free enough to do it, but I envy the people who don’t have to over-analyze the details to make a decision.

So if anyone can simplify all this for me, I would really appreciate it!

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