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What is the ballpark I had to prepare for 1.5 carat, GIA round diamond

# My impression is that I need about 17-19k out the door. (with platinum setting and no tax)

Here are the specifications I need

Shape – round

Carat – 1.50

Color – G or better

Clarity – VS1

Cut and polish and symmetry – excellent

Flourescense – None

& # X200B;

But I’ve seen much too much lower, not sure what I’m missing here ….

example here the links below are around 13k even if you add the platinum setting would be 15k




what is the real ballpark I should prepare.

& # X200B;

PS: I often work around the bay and los angeles, if you have more suggested store, I’m all for it.

PS: Costco has good quality diamonds that actually blow my mind.

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