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Concern for future value

Have looked at some older posts here and went down the rabbit hole with the value of synthetic diamonds. So here’s my concern:

In 10 years, say that the price of laboratory-grown diamonds is able to fall significantly, to the point that like 1k for an excellent quality 2ct brilliant cut. If this is unreasonably low, let me know. Then we are in the following scenario:

1. Synthetic diamonds are indistinguishable from the natural with the naked eye.

2. Synthetic diamonds are considered cheap (if this price drop occurs).

3. Natural diamonds cost like 5x synthetic diamonds without real chemical difference and great difficulty in distinguishing between the two.

So rare high carat or historic diamonds will retain their value because people are enough to check their legitimacy, but the 0.5-2 carat diamond that middle-class people crave on an engagement ring really doesn’t look so worth it anymore.

So what happens next?

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