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Is SL2 Deadly?


I buy an engagement ring and I think I’ve landed on which diamond I think is “the one”. The only thing holding me back is that it’s clearly SL2 rated.

Carat – 1.5 ///
Clip – excellent ///
Clarity – SL2 ///
Color – H ///
Price – $ 12,200 (including ring setting, rating, etc.) ///

The goldsmith has strongly encouraged me to get another stone that is:

Carat – 1.5 ///
Clip – very good ///
Clarity – SL1 ///
Color – E ///
Price – $ 13,350 (including ring setting, rating, etc.) ///

I’ve heard from many people that you don’t want to compromise on clips, but to be honest both diamonds look almost identical to me (in terms of clips, color and inclusions). In contrast, none of the diamonds has any visible inclusions with the naked eye, and it is very difficult to see anything even with the magnifying glass.

Is there a right or wrong way to go?

Thank you for your advice!

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