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Looking for some feedback

Hi guys!

I’ve been a long time lurker, this is a throwing account because I don’t want anyone who knows my main account to know that I’m buying a diamond :). Through approx. After a year of looking and saving, I’m finally ready to buy a diamond. Can I please get your input on the following lab-created diamonds:

& # X200B;

|[1](Https:// | 2.01 | $ 5,319 |
|: – |: – |: – |
|[2](Https:// | 2.01 | $ 5,319 |
| Honorable mentions: |||
|[3](Https:// | 2.00 | $ 6,000 |
|[4](Https:// | 2.01 | $ 6,211 |

I’d much rather stick to the first two options unless you see something that I can’t in 3 and 4 that makes a price difference of + 11%. I’m a little anxious as soon as I read everyone’s comments, I’m ready to pull the trigger.

My thought process for the first two diamonds is:

Best cut possible, Over 2 carats, VS2 should be naked to the eye and sacrifice some color for the price. Let me know if one of them is a definite NO or you see something else in my price range that is worth it!

Thanks in advance everyone!

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