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Why does this industry make it so hard for me to get a damn laboratory-grown diamond?

I’m not asking for much, just One site where a Chinese company can sell me 1, not a pack of ten at a wholesale, a simple 1 carat diamond, while telling me the quality of the said diamond.
This shouldn’t be that difficult, as I know they know their only competitor is some debeers sites that sell 1 carat of synthetic fabrics for a carefully controlled $ 800. they could probably make it for $ 400 and still make a huge profit by selling them individually sorted, and it’s not like grading the diamonds they lab are rocket science at this point.

it’s ducking china, it should be what they are best at selling, and yet i’m on the internet and can’t find any chinese company that has capitalized on this yet. I just want DHgate for diamonds, and I refuse to cater to a company trying to sell a small synthetic stone that costs $ 1000, fully knowing that it costs them a penny to do so.

Help would be greatly appreciated by referring me to a Chinese seller!

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