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(X-Post) Advice on a round cut

Hey everybody!

Cross posting here to see if I can get some more feedback on this. I’ve been on the hunt for an engagement ring for 9 months now, and I’ve learned a ton in the process, but I’ve pretty much been paralyzed from pulling the trigger for the past few months because I’m afraid I’m missing something. From what I’m measuring, I’m looking for something with the specifications below:

round Cutting
0.8 carats or more
VS2 or later
G or better
Excellent cutting, polishing and symmetry
Fainting without any flowering

Now, when it comes to table, depth, pavilion angle, crown angle, etc., I’m starting to get a little skeptical in my choice because it seems that there are a number of different proportions that optimize the fire, brilliance, scintillation and so on. Despite that, I’m on the verge of pulling the trigger down below, but I wanted to post here to try to get a confirmation or insight into if I’m missing something.

I’m a little tied to Blue Nile because they have a setting that I think is ideal, but at the same time, I recognize that Blue Nile doesn’t provide idealscope, ASET or Hearts and Arrows images. Is the information they provide enough to go out? Are there other factors I should look into? The diamond has a 0.9 HCA score and appears to sit on the edge of the preferred range of the cut estimator. Should I also be worried about a weak flowering with an E-color class?

Cut Estimator

Pay attention to any insight!

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