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Diamond Buying Advice (Small Time)

I am looking to buy a diamond pendant / necklace for my mom for Christmas. I researched online and asked a few friends over the last few days. and also visited the Blue Nile showroom and got some good advice.

I think I’m set on a custom 1.06 carat diamond from
Blue Nile’s site, and I feel pretty confident that it’s a decent value for my budget based on my research over the past few days. My question is, is 1 carat for a diamond pendant really embarrassing? My mom (and me) are not rich, so I’m not worried about that compared to the wealthy … I just know nothing about diamond buying and what sizes are appropriate. So I’m not sure if 1 carat would be sweet as a “gift from my son” present and would feel nice to have as a mother her age (63) or if that size is too small.

I just want to make sure she would wear it as I spend a few thousand dollars on it.

Thanks for all the advice

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