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Help with 3 different stones

Hello everyone,

I’ve been browsing the Internet and local jewelry stores for about a year to gather information on how to best choose the stones, and to see how some of the online specs could translate into real life.

** Target **: I want a round shaped stone for a ring that is very “ingenious” in most light settings without fluorescence. If I can get a 0.75ct that is brilliant and a 1ct that is not, I would choose 0.75ct. If my money can get a better deal online then this is where I’m going.

** Criteria **:

* Budget: 8000 CAD with setting and tax
* Clip: best I can reduce my budget
* Weight: 0.75ct ~ 0.85ct
* Color class: F-D
* Clarity: VS2-VS1
* Fluorescence: None
* Ribbon: platinum (cannot select other metals)

So far, the eyes of others and my eyes seem to agree that the cut is the most important thing, but it is really difficult for me to objectively make a conclusion online.

To fit these criteria, I look at 3 stones from the bluenile with links to their GIA reports:

* **Option 1:** [**0.82ct, F, VS1, excellent (5,848 CAD)**](Https://
* [](Https://
* I notice * tiny little inclusion near the table * on the BN image.
* I’m not sure what to do with the “Cloud, Feather, Needle” clarity properties for the report. I interpret this as Cloud being the most notable feature that puts this rock on VS1 instead of something higher.
* ** Option 2: ** [**0.83ct, F, VS1, excellent (5,862 CAD)**](Https://
* [](Https://
* I notice a * key point in the middle * of the BN image.
* What I don’t like about this GIA report is Medium to slightly thick, faceted, 3.5% belt. Although research suggests this is perfectly fine, but I just somehow think the thinner belt may look nicer.
* ** Option 3: ** [**0.83ct, F, VS1, excellent (6,104 CAD)**](Https://
* [](Https://
* I notice * pinpoint in the lower right corner of the table * on the BN image.
* I’m also unsure what to do about the “Crystal, Cloud, Needle, Pinpoint” clarity properties for the report. I’m not sure why this one is the most expensive yet. I would hate to see a cloud / needle inclusion at the table.

So experts, what do you think? Should I change my criteria (lower, higher, etc.)? Am I naive and stupid to think that a VS1 clarity quality would generally be eye-cleaning? If you were to work with my budget, would you recommend anything else?

EDIT1: It’s not best to cut money, but it can best reduce my budget.

EDIT2: define the purpose of the stone

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