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Hey, I’m right. Buying a ring this week should help

hey guys, I keep being pointed to reddit when I ask “blue nile vs XX” or “astor diamonds worth it?” so I was that I wanted to join in and get more opinions.

I found her but now just need to find the ring / diamond. I’ve been looking for the perfect setting for over a year and I haven’t found another glory that I absolutely love besides this.


I don’t know if the right term is the “side profile”, but it is an important factor for me and most rings are disgusting. I’ve searched every single online site for more ideas I like and every single commercial store and a few private jewelers with no luck.

I have a diamond from my grandmother, but blue nile WONT

1. take my diamond and place it in the halo setting I want and 2. will not sell me the halo setting “only setting”

so because i am in love with that setting and now is the crunch time i need to choose a blue nile diamond

2 diamond intervals im looking at





I plan on upgrading the middle section of the line and they offer 100% if you buy a new twice the price as im okay with.

I send diamonds to places like rarecarat and they love the diamonds but always say they are too expensive.

I can agree to pay for a little bit … but I don’t really want to do the wrong move with Blue Nile and pay more than I should.

& # X200B;

what do you think I’m sorry if everywhere I just get a little crazy.

thank you very much for your help in advance

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