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Is this too good to be true (accidental IGI purchase)

Just convinced my bf to buy this supposed lab cultivated 1.5kt plumbing F level ideal oval diamond from Yadav for under $ 5k. I jumped at the price. Both of us are noobs and I didn’t realize IGI certifications were held badly, which explains the price. I figured if they really inflated the scores and we actually found a G / H level VS1 or something for the size and price I might still be fine with it, but just wanted to see what people thought about the price if that was the case. .. I still feel like it’s almost too good to be true, but my friend received her ring from Yadav, so I trust the jeweler. I’m just really worried that it might not be colorless at all …

Cert link: there is a grainy photo here

Link on Yadav:

Thanks for your look!

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