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Do not neglect the setting price and see the diamond in person.

Hi every one,

I got some good advice from here as I went through the process of buying a diamond so I thought I’d share some of my own advice (whatever it’s worth).

I think many of us in here are trying to find a good diamond at a reasonable price, which makes sense since that is the focus of the ring. But the setting also contributes to the ring and overall price. I’ve noticed that although Blue Nile and JA offer lower prices on their diamonds (compared to larger stores), their settings are all fixed in line with each other in terms of prices. What it came to me when they priced their settings higher to offset their lower diamond prices and that most people would rather just have the whole ring made at once (as opposed to splitting the diamond fixing process and then setting ) and therefore you are less likely to complain if the settings are higher.

I know it’s easier to just have a company do the whole ring and send it to you and it’s more painful to split the process of finding a loose diamond and then the setting. However, many of you start with a budget and this route can give you an opportunity to spend more on the diamond itself as the setting is smaller.

If you take a simple 18K gold option, these online sites charge as $ 800 + (CAD) when you are actually getting 3-6 grams of gold (which is currently priced at about $ 50 CAD per gram for 18K) .

I have found that local wholesale diamond sellers can offer diamond prices that are competitive with JA and Blue Nile, and the settings are actually priced more reasonably. So be sure to look around your area to see if you can find a reputable one before jumping on the online route. I also started to be online because everyone told me it was cheaper because of less cost. But as I covered my bases and personally looked to see diamonds, I found that wholesale diamond sellers were better. (Again, I’m sure it depends on city to city.)

Maybe it’s just me thinking this way, but I thought I’d throw this info into the mix in case anyone finds it useful.

And then the other thing I wanted to point out is that while the 20X view of diamonds online is useful, I think it can also lead to decision paralysis and unnecessarily increase your budget. If you take SI1 or VS2, the inclusions in real life when you see it in person are not comparable to how easily they can be seen online. Frankly, even if you go the online route, go into a large store near you and look at diamonds personally with and without a loupe. Look at diamonds with inclusions under a loupe, and then try to find the same inclusion with your naked eye. It’s incredibly difficult sometimes, but when you look at it online, it’s so easy.

Either way, thought I would offer this advice and hope it is helpful to anyone. Good luck everyone and thank you to everyone who offered me advice!

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