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Engagement Ring Shopping: Am I getting caught up in the specifications too much?

So to anticipate this, I’m a numbers nerd and I seem to find the best money for my money with any kind of purchase I make. So forgive me in advance to try to find the perfect value.

My boyfriend and I had recently gone shopping and ever since I’ve been killing myself trying to find the perfect specifications for my budget ($ 2,500-3,000 USD – Diamond only). The first jeweler we went to had mentioned Lab Grown Diamonds after showing us a 1 carat, D, brilliant, not sure clarity diamond for $ 5,500. We were unaware of these until this moment, but my boyfriend didn’t mind the idea of ​​a lab-created diamond, at all (I grilled her about it for 4 days, “are you sure you won’t be disturbed if there is a Lab Grown Diamond on your finger? ”Her answer every time was“ no. ”Her mind, she wants a lovely ring that she will wear forever (fingers crossed) and all her friends and family can say where beautiful it mind is that i want the best possible diamond.

I have been told that Color / Cut over Clarity and it seems to be true from what I have read here. So my questions are.

1. Should I feel cheap (or not good enough) to buy a Lab Grown Diamond?
2. Is E-F color still acceptable? I’ve researched D’s, but the price climbs very quickly there.
3. Outside of looking for the inclusions to make sure it’s not an “ink clutter” right on the table, is Si1 / Vs2 still an acceptable diamond?
4. Again, without personally looking at diamonds, I should be looking for Ideal / Excellent / Brilliant to have the best spark possible, right?

The jeweler I went to showed me an excellent Cut, F color, .94 carat, Si1 (she said she couldn’t see the recording below 10x), Lab Grown, Cushion Diamond for $ 2,400. I thought the diamond looked amazing with no other diamonds around it. This jeweler offers free cleaning for life, so I’m fine with spending a little more now to get my soon-to-be fiancée come and get it cleaned at any time.

Ideally, I’d like to buy the ring through a local jeweler, am I able to negotiate down the price of the ring? The place I visited, boxes ring from scratch (not sure if it is common or not).

I kind of bumped towards the end, like questions if anything sounds like it. I apologize in advance for my uncertainty.

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