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Things to keep in mind while buying a diamond engagement ring

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I know a lot of couples who have bought their engagement rings together, or at least have been negotiated together, and for them, choosing the ring was never a problem. Some couples prefer to buy loose diamonds online and have a custom ring made. However, if you plan to give your partner a surprise, you need to be very sure what she would choose. Remember, it’s your money, but her ring.

When looking for the perfect engagement ring with diamond eternity or one [**asscher cut engagement ring**](, there are a lot of things to consider. Your budget will certainly play a significant role in your decision, but you cannot neglect the quality as the ring is as unique as your loved one.

Find below the points to consider before getting down on your knees for the special.

1. ** Choose a reputable jeweler: ** Since this would be the most significant purchase you will ever make, you need to ensure its authenticity. Talk to your close friends, family, and engaged couples to find jewelers that they recommend. Of course, a reputable jewelry store like Abrahams Diamonds should be the first thing to look for.

2. ** Run ahead of time: ** Choosing a ring involves trips to jewelry stores and the process is time consuming. Also, the many different options you are given will confuse you even more, which is why you need enough time to list a few good options.

3. ** Choosing a diamond: ** When choosing a diamond, you must have complete information about its 4Cs as they play an important role in the quality and price of a ring. The 4Cs indicate “cut, clarity, color and carat” on the diamond. If you need spark and shine in the ring, focus on the cut. Its proportions, symmetry and polish can vary the appearance of the diamond. However, if you want the ring to be light on your pocket, look for smaller carats. The higher the carat (weight), the more expensive the ring will be.

4. ** Get custom made rings: ** If you want a custom ring, consider contacting the jeweler at least a month or two before. Also, if you will [**buy loose diamonds online**](, complete this task as soon as possible as it may take more time to design custom rings. If you decide to customize every aspect of your ring, the first thing to look at when buying a loose diamond is clarity. In most cases, there are internal imperfections such as small cracks, whitish dots or fine dark spots called inclusions.

5. ** Settings are important: ** The metal frame for mounting the diamond can enhance or damage the look. Getting the right combination of the shape of the stone and the setting is key to making a beautiful engagement ring.

6. ** Think about the metal: ** You might love platinum, but she loves gold …… And this is where you have to think twice before investing. Spy her style or chit chat randomly with her to know what she likes. There is nothing more beautiful than to surprise your loved one with just what she wants!

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