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Choice of two diamonds

I am extremely new to buying diamonds with high clarity and am a little unsure which inclusions are less desirable than others. I try to choose between two diamonds (which are at the same price):

Diamond 1: 1.01 carat, HVAC1, D, has a few pin points and cloud inclusions

[Diamond 1](Https://

Diamond 2: 1.01 carat, VVS1, D, has a needle at the very edge

[Diamond 2](Https://

& # X200B;

Basically, I want to understand which inclusions set the quality for plumbing, and does the placement of these crystals make a difference? Do the measurements make a huge difference in quality in this case? The GIA report for Diamond 2 also says that the surface grain does not appear – is that something to worry about?

Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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