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Color and clarity of a large diamond

There are many positions that are really specific to a particular purchase that are better between two diamonds and usually lower budgets, and I would like a more general advice on color and clarity on a bigger and bigger budget. And I’m also tired of just trusting my eyes and feelings in a sales environment in a jewelry store where the lights are set to really maximize a diamond’s brilliance.

To preface, I understand that the “cut” is the biggest part. I only look at ideal.

I’m looking to get a diamond in the 2-3ct range. I’m really torn as to whether I get anything near perfect and sacrifice a little size. For example, on the lower end … F VS1 or on the high end … D VVS1?

For the sake of clarity, is there a huge difference at the top end between VS1 and VVS1 in a larger diamond like 3ct? I would love to hear serious statements about if you were planning to use the price of a car on a diamond. I know, of course, that F VS1 is a fine diamond, so refrain from these comments, but I want to know the reality of the science behind it from people with a lot of experience. I know they say VVS1 is only visible “under a microscope at 10x”, but hoping to get a professional’s opinion on this … how much does the clarity affect the sparkle and shine beyond just seeing an artifact ? Do you actually think it affects the diamond quality of the naked eye on that size in any way, or does it become purely microscope viewing and what you want on the certificate?

Secondly, what about color? At 3ct does the naked eye really see a difference between F-D? I have trouble trusting my eyes and opinions and would love to hear other diamond critics’ statements if they were ready to put $ 30k on a diamond.

Third, what else do you look for when looking at dimensions and depth?

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