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Decision between two diamonds

Hi, I appreciate all the help in deciding between these two diamonds please. I don’t care to look at other diamonds because I have done so much research and try to narrow it down between these two. But I would love any advice on choosing between these two. I have asked for third-party advice from several diamond expert services and they both disagree which is the best choice. I’m losing the mind of trying to help!

& # X200B;

Diamonds 1 is on the left. Diamond 2 on the right:

& # X200B;

Diamond 1:

Looks fantastic light performance and beautiful diamond. The only concern is its under 1 carat and its depth ratio is a bit high, which causes it to turn smaller. Measures 6.25mm x 6.27mm, making it more like a .93 carat likely.

Diamond 2:

This diamond is a carat and has a slightly lower depth%, so it needs to turn up larger and still has good measurements. I am told by JamesAllen that this diamond is not as good as diamond # 1. But the larger size is tempting and I can’t figure out why it is not as good as diamond # 1.

& # X200B;

I would love any advice on how to decide between these two diamonds !!

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