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Diamond cut vs. quality


I started browsing a bit in local jewelry to get a diamond ring for my partner (I live in Singapore).

One of the stores I went to a couple of days ago spent quite a bit of time explaining to me what was a cut, a color, a fluorescence of a diamond. Basically, they tried to show me that the cut and symmetry of a diamond was more important than its clarity and color.

Generally, they suggested me a 0.5 carat pearl, G color, plumbing for about 3000 S $ ($ 2300)
(bead only, excluding ring)

While I am sensitive to a seller spending time explaining to me the features of what he is selling, given that my knowledge of the diamond industry is invalid, I would like your opinion on the above. Does this argument they put together make sense to you? or do they use a vendor pitch to sell a low quality gem at a higher price?

Thank you.

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