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Eval – value for price

Looking for input on which of these is the best value and will look good as an engagement ring. Note that I do not ask what has higher resale later in life or which is the best clip. Questions to laymen who will look good and who are not the right choice.

& # X200B;

1. GIA # 2151201542 ($ 16,800) 2.59ct, D, SI2, polish good, symmetry good, fluorescence strong blue

2. GIA # 2161261858 ($ 16,300) 3.00ct, H, I1, polish very good, symmetry good, fluorescence weak

3. GIA # 1268950515 ($ 18,500) 2.07ct, H, SI1, Polish excellent, symmetry excellent, fluorescence weak

& # X200B;

thanks for your help

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