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Looking at rocks deeper into the 4 c’s

So, looking at an engagement ring in Canada, I have chosen the setting and am now looking at rocks. I’ve decided to go with mined diamonds 1ct, I-H, s reach and vg or ex cut. I look at these in a small locally run jewelery with only a handful of employees. The inventory of rocks is quite small right now due to the cutter being on vacation recently (Easter). And they had closed a lot of deals.

So I look at these glittery things and I’ve done a lot of googling and now I know even less because I learned more lol.

So far, I can see inclusions with a magnifying glass, and that’s about all I know what to look for.

The rock in question is 1ct, si1, h, vg. With ex polish and vg symmetry. Is it usually eye clean? How can I see these symmetry problems without an ideal scope? How do I hold the diamond when I look at symmetry? And how much is the difference between that and an ex-cut typically? Any extra tips for noobs?


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