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Help me choose a lab grown oval!

Hi everyone, this is my first time buying a diamond and I would really appreciate the community’s help in choosing the best one.

I screened for the ideal cutting properties for table%, depth, etc. I’ve read so much about lab-grown diamonds, and it looks like IGI might be softer in their classification, so I came across the specifications – I reckon if I’m aiming for an F / G VS2, the worst I get is an H SI2. The diamond was set in yellow gold. I want to go as big as possible while still having the most brilliance and sparkle! It’s hard for me to tell the amount of bowtie – I’d like to keep it minimal, though a little is okay. Am I missing something else to consider?

The budget is $ 5500 and the minimum carat size I am looking for is 1.5 carats. I looked at James Allen, Brilliant Earth, 1215Diamonds and Yadav. I reached out to D.NEA Diamonds but didn’t love the relationships they had, most of them were on the chubbier side, and it looked like the specifications were lower than what I could find elsewhere. Thanks so much for your help!

Diamond 1 – 1.53 carats

Diamond # 2 – 1.55 carats

Diamond # 3 – 1.6 carats

Diamond 4-1.64 carats

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