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Is my diamond off ???

So I’ve been married for six years now. Last year, I got my ring sent in to be serviced when the attendant said the tips were loose. When it came back, I thought nothing of it until I realized some problems.
I made sure to have a minimum of SI1 clarity for my stone as it is far more important to me than size (a little less than half a carat). I know I see little stains with “dirt” and I am fooling around. As I walked into the store, they gave me the line “every diamond has a birthmark” but my problem was the lack of clarity and how I have never noticed the dark flank before. Then I was told that SI means you can see inclusions with the naked eye just don’t look straight.
I don’t know what to think now, and am really upset. Is it possible that they gave me another stone in my environment? Thank you for listening to my walk. New to subreddit, but a big fan of shiny.
PS jewels were Kay, if that matters.

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