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Looking for an engagement ring: budget $ 5500 CAD


I’m looking for the setup as the link below just has to find the right diamond if someone could point me in the right direction.

I currently have the below offer of $ 5600 + tax
or a code for 25-30% off the quoted prices of the site.

Can anyone refer me to which diamond to choose (1-1.2 carats) sparkling, very good cut, no fluorescence, eye cleanser, white etc.

NOTE * I personally visited and they said their budget diamonds are like a regular ground diamond but bought in bulk and not shipped with GIA … (majestic diamonds are the retail) is this a huge concern? They are assessed independently .. anyone has experience with this, or should I definitely pay the extra 1-2K for GIA? of course, I couldn’t see the difference by the eye. (CE) +% 2F ++ FG & Metal = 14K & Gold + Color = White & Ring + Size = 6

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