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Bought a lab-grown diamond from Brilliant Earth, that’s not quite what I expected

I recently purchased a lab-grown diamond from Brilliant Earth with the following specifications:

Shape: Round Brilliant
Carat: 2.42
Clip: Ideal
Clarity: VS1
Color: H
Table%: 57.0%
Depth%: 61.6%
Crown Angle: 34.0 degrees
Pavilion angle: 41.0 degrees
Dimensions: 8.59-8.63×5.30mm
Girdle Thickness: Medium-Sl. Thick
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: None
GCAL #: 291410130

When I received the diamond it did not “pop” as I expected. It is beautifully clear and bright, but the light does not dance through it as I expected. It does not seem to have the fire, like most other diamonds, that I have seen with a glimmer of light when the light bounces out of it from different angles. It is very bright (almost white) and does not have much contrast.

I’m a little confused because I did a lot of research on the ideal cut angles and dimensions of a round diamond, and I hit all the benchmarks with this one.

Can anyone either assure me that the diamond is nicely carved and the differences that I see are just the difference between photos / videos and real life, or should I think about returning the stone and picking another one.

GCAL Report:
My Pic (terrible quality):
Video from BE: posts in comments


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