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Debates between 2 diamonds for an engagement ring

I’m looking for a ring with a budget anywhere between $ 9,000 CAD and $ 11,000 CAD. I found 3 diamonds that I like, but I’d like a different opinion. I’m leaning towards Diamond # 2. I also used Holloway Cut Advisor and all those diamonds are in the range of 1.0-1.6.

& # X200B;

Diamond 1: [](Https://

1.47 carat, Ideal Cut, J Color, VVS2

USD 10,323.00 CAD

& # X200B;

Diamond 2: [](Https://

1.5 carat, ideal clip, J color, SI1

USD 9,184.00 CAD

The inclusions on this one are not on the table

& # X200B;

Diamond 3: [](Https://

1.3 Carat, Ideal Cut, J Color, VVS2

USD 8264.00 CAD

Let me know what you think.

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