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Is VS1 clarity a noticeable step down? Should I prioritize clarity?

Yeah, you guess, I’m a guy trying to make the best possible decision on a ring for my soon-to-be fiancé. I think I found a great opportunity, but I was hoping for a different opinion. I make this as short and sweet as possible:

I found a diamond that is within my budget, the * perfect * size, the right shape, the D color, the very good cut, no fluorescence (so far so good – or amazing actually I think). However, the clarity is VS1. Initially, I only looked at plumbing and up … not really for any reason other than what I read online that plumbing and newer are basically identical to the naked eye. I would very much like to get some opinions on this. Is it much to fall from VVS2 to VS1? Do you see imperfections in VS1? Am I right in my assessment that I should focus on the right size and then prioritize color – or do you think clarity is more important than color? I have met people in 2 places and they were a huge help in navigating the 4 C’s; based on their input, I think color should be a priority … but I would appreciate the input of anyone and everyone.

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