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Went to LA Diamond District and any help is appreciated!

Hi Diamond Sub!

I have this diamond in mind from online:
1.22 D SI1 3x faint fluorescence with the hope that Blue Nile would match the price to $ 8,234 without tax, so I guess approx. $ 8,831
GIA # 7321406925

So I went to the diamond area a couple of days ago and here are the stones and pricing that I came out with:

# 1 1.5 G SI1 3x 62.2 x 57 No Fluorescence $ 10,875 GIA # 1238995904

# 2 1.51 F VS2 3x 62.2×58 No Fluo $ 14,000 GIA # 6203080774

# 3 1.3 E VVS2 3x 62×59 Weak Fluo $ 11.750 GIA # 6325148372

# 4 1.3 G VVS2 3x 62.6×59 No Fluo $ 10,750 GIA # 1328002289

# 5 1.51 F VS2 3x 61 x 59 No $ 14,500 Did Not Get GIA #

I think I can boast these prices for another 1-2K. What diamond would you look for?
I learned how to use the rapaport price chart and those prices don’t seem so crazy? Or am I a complete noob and fooled here?
# 3 is really beautiful person, even if weak fluorescence
# 1 inclusions are all on the edges, so it was cool except that the color and clarity is lower than what I expected so I can’t personally tell it’s G-color, even though I just hate to know that I buy a G color … tell me otherwise thanks! haha

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much I am learning so much so far!

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