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Advice on engagement rings is required

Hi everyone, I am looking to buy an engagement ring for my GF. I was told by the jeweler that I am getting a good deal and wanted to see if anyone can confirm this, along with if there is anything I should be aware of or ask about before I go through with the purchase. It is a halo-type ring with a round center stone, SI2, 0.43 ct, color H. There are 10 smaller diamonds in glory. I looked at it and it has no inclusions visible to the naked eye, though I couldn’t see anything with the magnifying tool either. The cost of the ring is $ 3000 CAD, all in (including tax and warranty). I was told there is no laser identification, not sure what it means or if it matters?

Is this a good deal, as they say? Also, is there anything I need to ask or look for before confirming the purchase? I have requested a certificate for the diamond, which I would soon receive.

As for the cost, I’m not too worried, but I want to pay cash, so is there a way to persuade the price down at all?

I appreciate any comments in advance. I will also update the post if any information is missing.

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