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Hi every one

I’m looking to buy the perfect ring for my girlfriend. I know the exact type of ring she wants (she told me) – and I don’t want any shortcomings. I am from the NYC area and believe taxes can be avoided if shipped to NJ. Below are the specifications. I think some specifications are subject to change and apparently oval has not cut marks from what I have been told by a jeweler. I’m also looking for the diamond to be GIA certified. I also included a photo of what she expects. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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My budget is about $ 12,500 but can go a little higher if needed.

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I think that’s what I should be looking for. I talked to someone at Blue Nile but would like to see it in person at a jeweler:

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Image of the style / ring type she is looking for:

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** Call **: Love Twist – No Gap (what does “no gap” mean)?

** Diamond **: Oval

** Size **: 6

** Setting **: Platinum

** Carat weight **: 1.70 carats (1.69 if huge price difference)

** Color class **: G or H. (From what I understand, I think H is cheaper, but the difference is insignificant?)

** Degree of clarity **: VS2 (is VS1 better?)

** Cut Grade **: Excellent

** Polish **: Excellent

** Symmetry **: Excellent

** Fluorescence **: None

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My biggest concern is finding the right jeweler and the right price in NYC. Of course, I am new to this and am not well versed in the diamond industry. I want to make sure the ring is exactly as she wants, as it will be worn for a lifetime.

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Please tell me if you can help me find what I am looking for or can answer the questions above. Maybe you even know a jeweler or two?

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I hope to have the ring in my hands by May.

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Thank you!

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