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Help choose from 3 round diamonds

Hi, I’m trying to land my ideal diamond for my wife’s ring (Platinum Solitaire). I only look at man-made diamonds with the following parameters: Round 1.30-1.5C, SI1-VS2, J-I, Super Ideal cut, GCAL only (IGI is weak I hear)

& # X200B;

1.46C, I, SI1 ($ 3.2K): [](Https://

1.46C, I, VS2 ($ 3.4K): [](Https://

1.30C, I, VS2 ($ 3.3K): [](Https://

& # X200B;

All 3 are in the same price range ($ 3200-3500). Atleast in the video of no. 3 (1.30C) looks the best, but it could be because they had it against a white background on that video.

& # X200B;

Can anyone help me choose the best one in that price range? It is very strange that 1.3 and 1.46 are priced in the same way for pretty much the same specifications.

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