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Seeking insight into diamond that seems too ideal

I have painted through various locations and filters (e.g. [Diamond Screener]( in an effort to find * that diamond *. I feel like I have a reasonable intro understanding of what I’m getting into, but I know I’m too careful to find one whose features are so close to being a guaranteed good choice. The plan is to eventually get a solitaire ring with a white gold band that adheres close to the 2 carat mark. I aim to avoid feathers and * dark * spots as they appear to be red flags to either the integrity of the eye-cleaning nature.

& # X200B;

This is what I mainly aimed for (after all the support and feedback to bring me back to reality!):

| Form | Karat | Color | Clarity | Fluorescence | Target Price |
|: – |: – |: – |: – |: – |: – |
| Round | 1.9-2.2 | HGFE | VS1-VVS1 | Medium-None | $ 20,000-25,000 |

& # X200B;

I have found a few that seem reasonable, but I am unsure if there are any particular concerns I should have about these options. If there are those who are at the lower ends of the color or clarity but they still look amazing, I’m all for it. Similarly, if something like fluorescence doesn’t affect the diamond much (considering the clarity and color), I’m not against it either.

& # X200B;

These are my current concerns with what I have chosen:

* 1: The GIA report has quite a few unmarked inclusions on the actual diamond. I really want to avoid any foggy or cloudy effect if these affect its appearance.
* 3: I’ve read that medium blue fluorescence could affect the colorless diamonds in a more negative way than if it were a lower color rating. Basically a perfect cut though!
* 4: Button within GIA’s Excellent, but possibly only a very good clip via AGS. Same concern with Medium blue on a colorless diamond.

| Link | Carat | color | Clarity | Fluorescence | Price |
|: – |: – |: – |: – |: – |: – |
| 1) [Blue Nile](Https:// | 2.10 | H | VS1 | None | $ 22,437 |
| 2) [Blue Nile](Https:// | 2.02 | G | VS1 | Weak | $ 22,753 |
| 3) [Blue Nile](|2.02|F|VVS2|Medium Blue | $ 26,686 |
| 4) [Blue Nile](|2.09|F|VVS2|Medium Blue | $ 25,864 |

& # X200B;

I’m not against working directly with dealers or going through other sites, especially if it matches quality and saves a little. Blue Nile is most interesting because of their funding options and long-standing reputation, but if it has proper certs (not IGI) and comes with an inscription to verify, I am very open about that.

Appreciate any insight or advice. I already expect some “white gold ribbon means you can go with a lower color”, but I would still have to feel confident that the color and clarity is still “pure”.

& # X200B;

** Note: ** I have removed the three diamonds I originally listed after receiving consistent feedback on how clarity (especially IF) is a poor choice.

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