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/ u / DiamondDealer – Another happy customer

This sub knows the trade with / u / DiamondDealer, but also wanted to share my feedback on my experience with Dan.

We started chatting in December 2018, I was in no hurry to get a diamond and he was beyond easy to work with. We chatted with the phone twice and I flew to LA in February to meet him. Dan sells these externally all the time, but I was willing to travel for this size purchase. Dan prepared a bunch of diamonds for me to sort through.

& # X200B;

My GF, now engaged, wanted an art deco ring with sapphires. Dan had a ring designer who dreamed of something amazing with sapphires and platinum engraving.

& # X200B;

We closed the day off with a flight over LA which was AWESOME!

& # X200B;

If I was shopping for a diamond, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Dan.


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