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Advice on getting wholesale price as a first time consumer?


Rounded 2.3 – 3ct, D-J, the eye-cleaned lab diamond to be put in a halo engagement ring. Everything in the budget is of course cheap as possible, but if I can spend $ 7k vs $ 9-10k, I would be proud of myself. The FYI resale value is no concern. She only cares that it is sparkly and big enough to make her friends jealous.

** Current Conclusions **:

MMDs of this size have significant retail marking, apparently because HPHT synthesis has not yet become the norm.

I have found Clean Origins prices very appealing; however, I have not read to buy online, I live in Chicago and I still need a good jeweler. I also assume that most online retailers are fixed on their list prices. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I have access to the laboratory grown equivalent of rapnet and see wholesale prices at $ 2500- $ 3000 / ct for diamonds that match my specifications.

** Questions **:

If I walk into a store on Jewelers Row, how low can I expect them to go for the price of lab breeding currently in their inventory? Everyone needs to make money and probably has set minimum margins, but I feel there must be dealers who, in return for me to use them on the ring / option, will either (a) agree to order me a diamond and charge me in wholesale OR (b) Get close to the price that matches their diamonds at current wholesale prices. Am I right in thinking this? If so, advice on how to approach negotiations on this? If not, I’ll probably just find a random business ordering me the stone and giving a few hundred dollars to the trouble.

& # X200B;

** Other Considerations **: I have consulted with a local wholesaler who specializes in EGL clarity enhanced soil diamonds and also sells cultivated GIA laboratories. They have already offered me a 20% discount on their stock and I would like to work with them, but I still need to look at the rings properly, the prices seem much too high for their lab adults and I am unsure how much lower I can negotiate considering they are strictly wholesalers (even if they have jewelers on the phone. Examples below for their diamonds: (Prices are w / 20% off)

Enhanced halo ring: 2.64ct H SI3 w / 0.7ctw sides = $ 7.8k

2.72ct G SI3 w / .45ctw sides = $ 10k

Improved solitaire ring: 2.5ct G SI3 / I1 = $ 5.5k

Lab cultivated ring: 2.1ct G SI2 w / 0.5ctw sides = $ 8.6k

Solved Labor Growth: 2.76ct H SI1 = $ 11.7k

2.41ct D SI2 = $ 10.9k

2.2ct D SI3 = $ 7k

& # X200B;

Appreciate any and all insights from you. I have already learned so much from this sub in the last few days.

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