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Hidden gem or hidden red flags?

Hello everyone,

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I am currently in the early stages of searching for an engagement ring. I did some reading and research to try to educate myself, but there is obviously still a ton I do not know. I found many of the posts here very helpful and it was great to see people being super eager to offer advice to beginners like myself. So that being said, I have come up with a question of my own! Please: p

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I stumbled upon a [diamond on JA]( which is much lower than other of seemingly comparable specifications . Now life has taught me that things are almost never cheaper for no reason. ** So **, * did I somehow find a hidden gem that is a good bang for my buck, or are there hidden red flags and I just don’t see them because of limited knowledge *?

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** Things I liked about it **:

1. Good size.
2. Despite having a J class, the color doesn’t really look like me. Plus, since I was planning on setting this on a Platinum ring, I think this might be okay?
3. It has a decent number of inclusions, but they are mostly on / near the edges and there is almost nothing in the table area.
4. In terms of optical performance, the JA images show black arrows quite clearly. After connecting its information to the Diamond Screener site (Great tool, thanks sproutworkshop!), I see that it falls into both GIA Ex and AGS Ideal, even if it is on the limit. From what I understand, the Crown Angle just seems a little too big?

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** Now move on to the negative / potential reasons why it is cheaper **:

1. It’s only rated as very good for symmetry – though I feel this probably isn’t a big deal?
2. Are the edge inclusions so bad that it does not become eye-cleaning? I wonder if at least some of them would be covered in teeth when they were first set, but I don’t really have a sense of how big these will look with the naked eye when not enlarged …
3. Is it possible that the diamond is personally hazy / dull? I have to admit that I can’t really tell from the YES pictures.
4. Anything else?

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Thanks in advance! I hope your answers will help me better figure out what to look for and hopefully settle on a diamond soon. Oh and any other advice is definitely welcome.

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