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Looking for advice on pear shaped diamonds


I am looking to propose my boyfriend of five years. Her desired ring is a halo mounted pear shaped diamond ring. I’m looking in the ~ 1 carat category, somewhere between 5-7.5k. The setting is 18k white gold, no other stones on the ribbon, just in the halo setting.

I’ve found two diamonds that I like and I’ve done a fair bit of research on what to look for – but I’m still not sure about my decision-making ability.

[F color, VS1 ](Https://

[E color, VS2](Https://

I’m not sure if I’m wasting money on shooting something in the F-D series of color. My research indicates that pear shapes hold the color more and should not fall below a H. From what I have seen, dropping the color does not help much in terms of getting a higher carat stone, but reduces the stone cost a bit for the same 1 carat row . I also tried to keep the fluorescence weak or none, as well as look for a fairly uniform medium-thick band thickness. I’m not so keen on clarity as long as it’s eye-cleaning, but most people I’ve seen seem to fall into VS2 or higher range. Most rocks that I have seen seem to fall in the 1.6-1.65 LW ratio. When looking with my boyfriend, she definitely preferred those a bit longer, ~ 9mm or so.

Do I look at stones that are unnecessarily expensive when something of slightly lower classification would get me almost the same pang for less black money? Am I at all on the right track? Is either of these a worthy purchase? Any advice is extremely appreciated as I am quite overwhelmed by opportunities. Thank you for your time.

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