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1.7 carat round brilliant: buy or NOT buy

I have a dilemma about a 1.7 carat round genius that my jewels got to me.
I definitely wanted an excellent cut. but this one is rated “very good” by the GIA.

Firstly, I’m not sure about the dimensions, since this one is between 7.41 and 7.46 mm, which already threw me away, to me it looks like these dimensions are closer to how a 1.5 carat should be be. I was under the impression that a 1.7 carat should be around 7.6mm (I would definitely like to maximize the size for the price I pay – I don’t want to pay for 1.7, which looks like a 1.5)

– Also, I looked at the pavilion angle in the report that says it’s 41.2. I’ve read that anything over 41 will cause the light to leak and not reflect.

– The crown angle is 37, which again doesn’t seem to be huge according to all the stuff I’ve read.

– The depth is 64.7%, which is also above what the ideal depth should be

– Table is 59%

I’m worried about all this (I’m not worried about the color class or the clarity because that’s what I’m looking for)

& # X200B;

HELP. Is this a good catch or a bad catch?

& # X200B;

Thank you!

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