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I’ll be engaged soon and I won’t have much time to look around for a ring. I was hoping that you could recommend some places in the Los Angeles area where I could get a ring on a low budget (about 1 mile). There are just as many places here, especially in the jewelry district, and I’m really worried about being taken advantage of: / It seems that a lot of places are out of my price range, and I was hoping to avoid it because I only have an extra hour or two a week to drive around places.

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Originally, I had to pick one up from zales because it seemed easy and straightforward. They also have the cool upgrade program. But I ended up interacting with their customer service earlier and I just didn’t get the same vibe I got from the seller in the store. That led me to look them up in consumer affairs, and the reviews there are kind of awful … so I guess I avoided a bullet there (?)

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Also, this was what I was going to get from zales. Should I get burned? [](Https://

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tl; dr looking for Los Angeles recommendations for places where a) have good customer service, b) are in my price range, and c) don’t take advantage of me


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