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The 3.36 carat scam ?!

Hey guys –

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I bought a 3.36 carat emerald cut diamond over the weekend for an engagement ring – [](Https://

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As the GIA report states, the color of the diamond has been processed. I certainly did not know enough about color-treated stones when I bought this. I paid well below the price per. Carat that I got from other diamond dealers, but I’m nervous that I was still paying too much, as the resale value for something like this could be low (hopefully doesn’t have to resell obviously).

Can you share pricing information or benchmarks? Carat that something similar should go to? Any information you have would be helpful. I’m nervous about being scammed here.

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Not sure if this is helpful, but below is a photo of the stone (it’s just the center stone)

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Thank you!

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