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Thoughts on IGI were rated 2.6 ct for engagement ring

So I went in to James Allen today to see this diamond and am seriously considering buying tonight. My only hesitation is that it is IGI rated, which I have read to avoid.

& # X200B;


& # X200B;

To my untrained eye, nothing worked badly with the diamond in the store, and it also looks fine online. But I am wary of buying an IGI rated diamond because of what I have read. The representatives in James Allen told me that IGI used to not be so honorable, but they have stepped up their game. I’m still nervous because this stone looks like a fantastic value for the price.

& # X200B;

I understand that the biggest issue may be color, but she wants a yellow gold setting, so I’m not very concerned about that. Would I regret having bought IGI for an engagement ring, or is it not something I think about in a year?

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